A half-day itinerary for nature lovers, to discover some secret corners near Riva del Garda: the Cascate del Varone Cave Park is located within a private natural park and allows you to admire the waterfall from more points than observation until arriving through a tunnel, 15 meters long, inside the massif and contemplating its fall of 90 meters.

This breathtaking gorge, completely excavated by water, is wedged in the mountain for about 73 meters. The town of Tenno, famous for the alpine lake of the same name, offers a pristine natural environment. The basin is also called “blue lake” because the surrounding forest and the white stones of the bottom give it a crystal-blue green-blue color. It can only be reached on foot via a long medieval staircase.

From Tenno a walk along an ancient path through the woods leads to Canale, considered one of the most characteristic villages of Italy for the medieval agglomeration rich in history and traditions and has survived almost intact to this day. It presents an architecture made of stone houses, enveloped, underpasses, alleys and balconies. Walking through the village will be like taking a real jump into the past.


📅 from May to October

⏱ half day

💶 starting from € 25,00 per person

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 minimum 15 people

🚶‍♂️ easy walking

👟 dress code: casual with comfortable shoes

The price includes: guide and tickets for the Cascate del Varone Cave Park

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